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Germany: German Catholic Sports Association, celebrating its 100th anniversary 

2020 is a special year for German sports, not just because it will take part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo and in the European Football Cup: the German Catholic Sports Association (Djk), born in Würzburg in 1920 as the German Catholic Youth Sports Association, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Djk is a sports club inspired by Christian Catholic values, open to all cultures, with a great Paralympic experience. In particular, the national celebrations that will be held in Würzburg from 15th to 17th May and the national Jubilee pilgrimage to Bamberg on 4th October, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the first organisation. A colourful calendar of events – with sports performances, concerts, conferences, historical films, workshops where the guest speakers will include German sport champions who first trained in the Djk sports clubs – will set the rhythm at the national celebrations in Würzburg; the climate in Bamberg will be strictly spiritual, with the pilgrims going there after a pilgrimage on foot from Würzburg, starting on 27th September with 5 stopovers, before reaching the university town in northern Bavaria where 3rd October will be spent chronicling the history of the Djk with thank-you celebrations, and on 4th October, after a cheerful parade through the city centre, Mass will be officiated in the imperial Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint George.

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